What is the advantages of briquettes over solid fuels..?

Advantages of briquettes over solid fuels..?

biomass-briquettingBriquettes are smokeless entity compared to any other solid materials as they don’t release any ash in the air.

biomass-briquettingIt is prepared from agricultural waste and forest waste so they are very cheap and easily available.

biomass-briquettingThey are very compact to store, pack and handle.

biomass-briquettingBriquettes are very nature; it doesn’t contain any chemical or impurities.

biomass-briquettingHave higher bulk density than solid materials.

biomass-briquettingHave less moisture content than other solid fuel.

biomass-briquettingBriquettes when subjected to heat don’t produce any spark whereas solid raw material produces spark and also releases smoke.

biomass-briquettingCombustion free as compared to charcoal.

biomass-briquettingBriquettes are non volatile fuel.

biomass-briquettingTransportation cost is very less.

biomass-briquettingIt also reduces carbon dioxide emission and also lowers the content of sulphur and ash in biomass prevents acid rain formation.

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