What is Biomass Briquetting Process?

Biomass Briquetting process


The Biomass Briquetting process is totally ecological as it does not release any contaminant or pollutant material.

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The process involves the below mentioned stages:

  • At first the chemical composition of the biomass that is to be briquetted is checked and appropriate mixing of the diverse materials are done to ensure that briquettes are produced qualitatively. If the biomass is not worthy of the process, it is ultimately rejected.
  • The biomass is subjected to drying with the heat of natural sunrays or with biomass dryer machine to ensure that moisture level is not more than 15%.
  • Biomass is then processed to appropriate size or is powdered depending on the requirement necessitated by the briquetting machine.
  • When the material is prepared, they are fed into the briquetting machines where they are compressed with high pressure and exposed to high temperature to liquefy the lignin material usually existing in the material naturally. This material performs the binding process to yield solid bio-fuel.
  • Now the machine offers them pre-determined size as well as forms and spews the yield.
  • Then finally they are cooled and stored in the right conditions.

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