What is better for the planet briquettes or fossil fuels??

India is progressing towards the development and more and more industries are establishing which are contributing high economic growth rate. And it’s very obvious that due to it we can put an end to many problems like unemployment, poverty and many others. Each and every cultivating industry produces a huge amount of wbriquetting plant manufacutreraste which is of no use. India produces 600 billion tons of waste every year which is of no use and is dumped in to sea or simply burnt. And all these industry also wants fossil fuels like coal and gas or any other for boilers or for any other process. And these fossil fuels release a large amount of carbon.

Today, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are the biggest problem which we are facing. Seeing the situation and growing pollution and also growing economy we need to find the easiest way to produce the eco-friendly and cost-effective energy solutions. The easiest and simplest technology and option for saving our environment and natural resources is biomass briquetting plant. Biomass is described as organic, non-fossilized material. Biomass can be used as Fuel, called biofuel which is manufactured from biomass briquetting machine with eco friendly technology. 

In briquetting plant technology, the raw material which are used that is generally agricultural wastes like bagasse, almond shells, tea husk, and rice husk, cotton Salk, leaf, saw dust, straw and industrial waste, forestry waste etc.. These wastes are compressed under high mechanical pressure and temperature into briquette press and turn into fuel briquette. Binder is not added to make briquettes that is why it is known as binder less technology. So the above discussion shows that this binder less and ecofriendly technology is much better than fossil fuels -which are harmful to nature.

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