Reap the benefits of government subsidy by installing briquetting plant!!!!!

Briquetting plant project is one of the best and trending environment protection technologies. briquetting plant manufacturer Also it is speedily getting popular among rural people and industrialists etc. Even government could not ignore the unequalled benefits of briquetting and planned to support the people who are engaged in this field. Government planned different subsidies for this briquetting plant project to encourage more and more people to opt for it.

The subsidy not only encourages people to start briquetting process, but also control environment pollution along with effective utilization of waste material. Due to its eco friendly features, there has been huge growth in sale of briquetting plant. Subsidy has also increased profits for the people opting briquetting as a business.

Our government has announced different benefits in the form of incentives for the people engaged in briquetting business. Any one starting a biomass briquetting plant can get following benefits:

  • 100% depreciation: whole value of briquetting plant is allowed to be depreciated in the first year.
  • Sales tax exemption: These briquettes are exempted from sales tax in different states including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.
  • No requirement of license: entrepreneurs before starting any business have to obtain a license, but for briquetting business, you don’t have any hassles. Renewable energy sources have been exempted for obtaining any license.
  • Low rate of interest from govt. financial institutions

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