Raw Material For Briquetting

Raw Material For BriquettingAgricultural wastes and forestry wastes are the basic raw material requirement for production of the briquette fuel. These are available in majority of nations across the world easily and in many nations are disposed in a very ineffective manner. Biomass briquetting is one of the best ways to make the best out of the waste. Some of the widely preferred and suited raw-materials for the manufacturing of the biofuel briquettes include:

  • Husks of crops such as Palm husk, Cotton Husk, Rice Husk, Coffee husk, Bamboo dust and Soybean husk
  • Dust of saw, Wood Chips, Straw, Tobacco waste, Tea waste
  • Shells of Coconut, Betel Nut Shells, Almond Shells, Castor Seed Shells
  • Stalks of plants like Cotton stalk, Mustard Stalk,
  • Coir pith, Forest Leaves, Jute waste

Depending upon the regional crops diverse kinds of fuel of diverse calorific value can be produced.

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