biomass briquettesHave you noticed the temperature nowadays? The overall global temperature just keeps on rising. These all affects the seasons and climate the summer is too long and rain doesn’t appear on time. This is because of a phenomenon aptly called global warming.  This is all because of pollution because of fossil fuels. There are many traditional sources of energy like coal, petrol and lignite.  But these sources spread the pollution and it is non-renewable in nature, if once it is finished we cannot produce it again while biomass briquettes are renewable in nature and provide abundance source of energy in an economical way. So we have to think about any other source for generating energy.

After thinking at overall situation about global warming, pollution and the need of a new fuel. The best green option is to briquettes. There are mainly two reasons which increase the pollution first one is waste discharged from various area and another one is excessive use of coal in industrial area. So to overcome with this situation briquetting plant manufacturer present a modern technique that is biomass briquettes. We can avoid this both situation through briquetting plant.

First reason, after independence there are huge number of industries and ofcource if there are industries there would be waste which is of no use. So we can use this waste in an efficient way and make briquettes from it.  Another reason is excessive use of fuel. Fuel is the lifeblood of industries and without fuel we cannot imagine the world. But these fuels produce pollution so the green option to use briquetting plant. And then we can produce pollution free nature. All the raw material is collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash so it is binder less technology to make briquettes.  So everyone wants to set up briquette machine near their area. And government also provide subsidy on briquetting plant project.

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