Let’s replace fossil fuel with biomass briquettes and change the climate!!!

briquetting plantGlobal warming is a topic that draws a great deal of debate. With so many global economies relying on the energy from fossil fuels, nobody wants to admit that their continued use is adding to the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is leading to major climate change around the world. Studies are going on for replacing the fossil fuels by biomass briquettes and changing the atmosphere.

At first glance it would appear that using biomass to create fuels would  replace fossil fuels would lead to just as much carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere as the burning of coal, petroleum, and natural gas. This would be true if the biomass used to create the fuels was not replaced as quickly as it is harvested.

Growing plants would remove carbon dioxide and transforms it in to food for plants during the process of photosynthesis Certain fast growing crops, a relative term depending on the type of crop, can be planted to replace a harvest and be ready for harvest again at about the same time that the fuel produced from the first harvest is exhausted.

If we try to use proper management and use briquetting plant in a better way than the level of carbon dioxide would reduce. All the trends and predictions are showing that using briquettes would reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Eventually a balance would be reached where the amount released into the air and the amount taken up by plants for photosynthesis would even out.

When we talk about the study of biomass briquettes and climate change, the jury is still out on just how much effect using biomass briquettes to generate power will have on reducing the carbon output of mankind's activities.

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