Is pollution the only reason you should use briquettes?

Fuel is the most essential need of human. We need fuel every hour or we can say every minute. And usually everyone use fossil fuels for fulfilling the daily needs or requirement. But yaa these there have been a trend to use briquettes also known as white coal because of the situation created due to pollution and the air has been poisonous. But the only advantage of using briquettes is it reduces pollution, there are millions of reasons to use briquettes in daily life.

briquettesTaking about the garbage and thinking about the waste management so briquettes can solve this problem yaa I am serious we can solve the problem of waste. The recipe of briquettes is straight forward the briquettes are the made using agricultural waste, saw dust, waste paper and all other types of waste. Briquettes burn at the same temperature and for the same duration of time as wood or charcoal. And then comes the question of availability and talking about India we have no need to worry as it is an agrarian country so there is tons of waste. Which we can use in a nice way and also be able to solve our problem of waste.

Renewable!!! Briquettes are renewable source of energy whereas coal, wood and petroleum all are non-renewable source of energy. Briquettes are made through some common materials which are renewable so we can ensure the sustainability of briquetting for a longer period of time. Secondly, briquettes are very cheaper source of energy as they are just made from animal or plant waste and consequently less expensive to produce.

Taking about the ash content remained after burning of briquettes is very less. Its just 0.21% which is very less compared to coal, because coal has a ash content of 32%. There is a vast difference between them now you can easily think and compare which one is better. Then the shape of briquettes is cylindrical or rectangular so there is no storage problem they can be easily stored anywhere and can easily be transported. And as they are made from compressing combusting raw material they have high bulk and specific density compared to loose biomass.

Whenever we read anywhere: ways to reduce global warming the first point you will see is “reduce the use of fossil fuels, it increases the levels of green house gases.” But briquettes are the type of resource which do not create pollution and gases and is environmental friendly. So these were the reasons to use briquettes and that’s not the end there are many more.  

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