If you want to live on earth: just briquette

Everyone knows the current position of Delhi and it’s the quite serious issue and the pollution is just because of burning of fossil fuel. And the air pollution level in Delhi is at its highest and the capital has to suffer this for at least 3 days more. Burning fossil fuels, accumulation of dust are the major causes. The low air quality has created a big problem for the asthma and heart patients even for everyone. The level of particulates matter 2.5 or fine particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers where Delhi stood at a “severe”406 microgram. And this is not only the situation of Delhi we are also very close to the same situation, the problem which Delhi is suffering the same would be suffered by everyone on earth. And just the odd even schemes would not work on yaa no doubt they will have a good affect but we can’t sit hands on hands.

 We have been saying this for years that we should briquettes instead of fossil fuels and now Delhi had set a fine example for everyone by this condition. The main reason is that everyone burns the waste or destroys instead of that if they try to make briquettes. Everyone knows that India is an agrarian country and tons of waste is created every day such as almond shells, sugarcane waste, tree bark and many more. These raw materials can be compressed without using binder and so it’s also a binder less technology. This is a eco-friendly technology so briquettes are also known as white coal. And even we have not to worry about the raw materials. Briquettes have a high burning efficiency than black coal.

Without using fuels we cannot expect industries is true but its not compulsory that we use fossil fuels. The big industries who use black coal and other fossil fuel every day for boilers can replace coal with briquettes to burn boilers and also the cost is low. So we can reduce huge amount of carbon emission so it will also avoid green house effect. There is also one more benefit for industries by using briquettes and that is Tax relaxation for the first five years and subsidy benefit. The use of briquettes will help to reduce the pollution to the great extent so just switch to briquettes...go green…live green…save earth…save you…

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