Crusher Cum ShredderThis is a vital accessory machine mandatory for the preparation of bio-waste material for feeding them in the Briquetting Equipment. Bio-mass in their natural form and size cannot be directly fed into the Briquetting Machine for generating the fuel. They should be processed in the appropriate way for making them suited to the briquetting process. Since very robust machines are essential for crushing and shredding the bio waste material ready to be fed in the machines, we fabricate the best designed Crusher Cum Shredder machinery.

These machines are qualitative in their make and highly effectively in their performance and function in a very swift manner. The energy consumption of this machine is very Briquetting Plant Enquiryefficient. It is suitable for both fibrous and large chunky biomass substance. This is a hard-wearing as well as economical machine and offer huge output and thereby by more profits.

In the range of this category of pre-briquetting preparation machine, we also produce Turbo Dryer Ctd 60 machine.

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