Comparison visual aid of Jay Khodiyar Briquette Stove and Pellet Stove


Sr.No Specification Jay Khodiyar Briquette Stove Pellet Stove
1 Unremitting Usage Can be utilized constantly for extend periods of time Can be Utilized till the fuel lasts
2 Fuel availability Simple accessibility of briquette Depend on the local dealer/supplier
3 Fuel cost Briquette cost less than Rs. 9.00 /kg Pellet cost Rs. 20.00 /kg
4 Heat intensity More Less
5 Ash removal Easy removal of ash while the stove is burning Have to wait till the entire pellets are consumed
6 Top up ( Fuel feed ) Possible Not possible
7 Savings Savings upto 80% compared to commercial LPG Savings upto 40% only
8 Cooking Time Saving 30% time saving Fixed time of burning
9 Fuel acceptability Accepts various size of briquettes ( 60mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm ) Accepts only pellets
10 Adoptability Can be fitted under the boiler incase of steam cooking Not possible


Process of Briquetting

Considered one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers, we are associated with offering an extensive variety of Briquetting Machines. These machines are manufactured from best quality parts and according to worldwide mechanical benchmarks. Made by executing advance innovations, these machines are reduced in estimate and guarantee simple establishment, easy to understand applications and longer administration life. Throughout the solidity of the material, temperatures rise adequately to make the raw material unshackle a range of adhesives. However, to make this process successful, the moisture content of the raw material must be 6%. The high temperature likewise makes the dampness in the crude material dissipate. At high dampness substance, steam pockets may develop amid this procedure subsequently prompting extension which will devastate the briquette. Subsequent to making briquettes, we utilize the carbonization heater to carbonize the briquettes into charcoal.

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