What is Briquetting?

The process of binding together the minerals such as coal dust, or other combustible biomass material which is used for fuel and kindling to start a fire is known as briquetting. The process of mounting mineral ore, rock, or metal fragments in an embed or casting material, such as natural or artificial resins, waxes, metals, or alloys, to facilitate handling during grinding, polishing, and microscopic examination.

According to us the industrial waste is going to release outside. But in today’s era the industrialists are not sure how to use this waste material in their favor. In this way the biomass briquette plant concept came into existence which helps in utilizing waste the material properly.

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The biomass briquetting plant helps in protecting environment and also prevents unwanted pollution around you. Now a day the environmental pollution is increasing at exponential rate and we don’t have any meaningful options to prevent it. This is the reason why Jay Khodiyar is manufacturing briquetting machine and has designed biomass briquette plant to save the World environmental. We can use the raw material such as Saw Dust, Bamboo dust, Bagasse, Cotton Stalk, Coffee husk, Groundnut shell, Mustard Husk / Stalk, Pine Needles, Rice Husk, Sugar Mill Waste, Jute waste, Coir pith and other wastes & residues like Castor Shell, Red Gram Stalk, Tobacco stem, Tea Waste, Sander Dust, Tree Bark, Wild Grasses & Shrubs and Sander dust etc. can be also be briquetted individually or in combination without using any binder.

The Biomass Briquettes are eco-friendly and renewable energy in our Country. It is also used in bulk quantity in Developed countries. So, we can say that there will be worldwide necessity of Biomass Briquettes to fulfill the alternate source of other fuels.

Benefits of Briquetting

  • Volume of input material can be reduced by up to 90 %
  • Improved waste-material handling
  • Minimized disposal costs
  • Gaining of storage space
  • Briquettes can be sold
  • Even burning briquettes
  • No additives or binders
  • Reduction of transport and storage costs


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