Briquetting Machine,Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Briquetting Machine: Manufacturer , Supplier and Exporter.

Jay khodiar had been started by us with the motto of promoting  “Go green” , “love green” “Think green”. We have been since 23 years for this project . we measure our success with client satisfaction level.We have been standing at the highest position we could achieve in this field . we are glad to say we have been succesful in installing 1900+ projects in more than 65 countries. We are happy to listen the words of appreciation from our satisfied customers that we are doing nice to contribute in the field of enviornment protection .   

India being an agrarian country a huge amount of waste is created every year . And as this waste is too voluminous the question is to what to do with this waste ?  we have an excellent solution for this question . The eco-friendly technique to value this un-used waste is briquetting .so it is an alternative for saving environment and reduction in use of fuel. briquettes  are standardized in their quality and size.

 This process  converts the waste such as wheat straw,rice husk , peanut shell , sugarcane bagasse  etc  in to biomass briquettes. Briquetting  machines are used to process this waste and make fuel logs  from it which are khown as briquettes . It can be used in cooking and in various industrial unit like textile mills, spinning millsbiomass briquette machine and rubber industry etc  where huge amount of fuel is required to generate energy. It is less voluminous and easy to maintain and store .These provides dual benefits to us and enviornment both . so this is also an revolutionary solution for global warming , helps in keeping enviornment clean .

Our briquetting machines :

  • Jumbo 9075 briquetting press
  • Supreme 75 model
  • Supreme 65 model
  • Biomass crushing machine
  • Rotary drum dryer
  • Biomass turbo dryer

 We have been successful due to :

  • Highly qualified staff
  • Advanced management
  • Skilled management
  • High managerial qualities.

Features offered by jaykhodiar :

  • Energy efficient
  • Long machinery life
  • Less cost
  • Minimum mantainence.

Earth’s climate is nowadays clearly out of control and the situation is unhandleable.All the components of earth including atmosphere , land and ocean, sea level and forest area are changing . And this changing situation is very harmful to all livingbeing. We must have came across the information of increased in earthquakes ,tsunamis . Holes in ozone layers , melting of icecaps in polar region and many more.

Continous use of fossil fuels leads to global warming and destructiveness of earth. Fossil fuels are the significant source of air pollution and producing pollutants. Fossil fuels are cheapest and most reliable energy source but it will not last longer. As per scientific research coal mines will not last more than 300 years. They are on their last legs and also very dangerous. This is a tough call for us and to deny global warming at this stage would be a game to deny a bitter fact . when fossil fuels are burnt carbon dioxide gas is released which traps warmth in earth’s atmosphere and contributes to global warming. In last 150 years carbon dioxide levels have increased by 25%.

Simple meaning of global warming is increase in the average temperature of earth due to different greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphuric acids, arsenic and ash  also due to continous burning of fossil fuels. The atmosphere gets thickened due to the layer of greenhouse gases. The effects of global warming are environmental and climatic changes. There are seasonal effects such as early flowering of plants , early summer arrival and many more.

Global warming just does’nt mean warming of earth but it has a maaive impact on social, economical and physical health. It leads to melting of ice caps, shirking of wildlife and vegetation, violent hurricanes etc . The hole in ozone layers allows UV rays to enter the earth climate which is very harmful.

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