Briquetting: A way to generate income for rural people

Briquettes : A way to generate income for rural people

briquetting plant

It is truly said that waste not want not. This is because waste can prove to be potential resource because they can be recycled and used as sustainable fuel. The global economy is dominated on the new technologies which rely on fossil fuels like petroleum, coal, natural gases to produce power, fuel, materials and chemicals. Even the use of conventional fuel like oil coal and electricity has increased in the last 25 years in Asian countries. India still imports crude oil and petroleum that comes to over 111.92 million tonnes per year. This leads to heavy dependence on imported oil and leads to a number of social and economic uncertainties. But presently there is worldwide interest to conserve biomass that leads to development of renewable source of energy for both economic and environmental set-ups.

Biomass briquetting is the renewable source of energy resource available abundantly and a promising fuel. It can be proved as the alternative to be various fossil fuels. Biomass briquetting is the third primary source of energy after coal and oil. This alternative source of energy still meets the fuel requirement in rural areas in most developing nations. According to briquette machine suppliers in India the agricultural residues comprise of one of the important sources of biomass fuel which are divided into two groups that are crop residues and agro-industrial residues.

Biomass briquetting is also known as “green fuel” or “green charcoal”. They are manufactured using briquette press machines for small business and domestic institution. This creates a number of job opportunities and leads to less destruction of woods. Broadly speaking there are two types of briquettes which are carbonized and non-carbonized. Briquettes can be of various shapes and sizes depending on its use whether for household or industrial level. It can be used an alternative source of fuel for cooking, in tea shops, tandoor chulhas, small hotels and laundering. To sum it, briquetting can prove to be an excellent source for rural India.

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