Briquetting: A successful upgrade of technology.

With the enhancement of environmental awareness everyone wants to use clean and green energy to save earth. Briquetting is the most successful, reliable upgrade of technology. Today people should n are aware of this fact from their long experience with wood and coal, briquetting is the best way to solve environmental problem. Briquetting of biomass carries tremendous scope and potential in converting the agro residues into a more usable form as a fuel. This process with innumerable benefits also eliminates the problem of handling, storage and transportation.

This briquetting technology not only cleans the waste but briquetting machine is also a good source of income. Many of the country’s government due to price of fossil fuels goes very costly and use of it creates pollution in air and give many benefits if using briquetting technology. In India, government boost biomass briquetting project with the intention of public use briquettes. Benefits of briquetting given by Indian government:

  • Installing briquetting machine is income tax free.
  • Excise duty on briquette is release by state government.
  • Industries which use briquettes, certification of pollution control board is not needed.

By proving the best combustion performance and its efficiency. Briquettes reduce the demand of other fossil fuels. But briquetting technology is yet to get a strong foothold in many of the developing countries. India is the only country where briquetting is growing gradually in spite of many failures. Many entrepreneurs are also making hard efforts to improve both the production process and the technology.

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