Briquettes: Want of the hour

As the population of the world is increasing the demand for energy is also increasing ultimately energy demands needs to be satisfied. But this is not possible by conventional energy which is just utilizing very few energy resources. Every single sector of the Economy needs to consume energy whether it is industrial, agricultural, transportation or domestic. So the consumption of the energy is increasing all over the world speedily and consumption of oil, coal etc is increasing enormously. India is the fifth largest consumer of energy in the world consuming 4% of total energy produced per year. So its high time to think something broad and use biomass briquetting as the source of the energy.

And as India is agrarian country there is lots of residue like cow dung cake, rice husk, coffee husk, coir pith, sugarcane bagasse, sugarcane trash, mustard stalks jute sticks, silk cotton pods, groundnut shells and cotton stalks. So nearly there is 400 million tones of agricultural wastes every year. So we should consider this as an advantage as we can convert this residue in to energy by compressing it. Yes Yes!! You read it right “You can convert waste in to energy”. You can convert this waste in to briquettes by compressing biomass through briquetting machines. Biomass can be used as energy source looks favorable again these years. This methods have been used in past. In today’s times briquetting has created its profile as low cost, renewable and profitable energy carrier.

There are many benefits of using briquettes as energy source in future. It reduces the volume by 10 times making it much easier to store and transport than loose waste. it can be in various shapes also. If you burn briquettes than it would comparatively burn longer than loose waste. Briquettes are made from residue and materials of which we have surety that they will be in future so they ensures sustainability.

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