Biomass Briquetting Main Objective

The main use of this briquetting machine is to fabricate a low cost briquetting machine for rural use. There has been a recent push to replace the use of fossil fuels to briquettes. The replacement of these non-renewable fuels with a product of biological waste would lower the all over pollution in the world. It is high time to take an initiative to turn waste biomass into a source of energy. The waste biomass like dry leaves, sawdust, rice husk, coffee husk etc. are gathered and compressed into briquettes, these briquettes can also be transported and used as fuel to generate heat.

These briquettes are mainly the replacement of the fossil fuels like oil, coal etc and also provide more calorific value per Kg as shown in the above table. Burning this briquettes is better than burning fire wood. The objective of this project is also to decrease the volume of shredded waste and thereby reducing the cost and fuel required in disposal process. In addition to cost saving these compressed briquettes can also be used as a fuel for starting fires or as an insulating material. And also for domestic use like cooking, heating water etc in rural areas. The use of biomass briquetting plant produces much fewer green house gases, specifically 13.8% to 41.7% CO2 and NOX.

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