Biomass Briquettes advantages over fossil fuels

Biomass Briquettes advantages over fossil fuels

briquetting plantBriquetting plant invention has excited the world about the possibility of getting energy through natural forces. From many years people are concerned about the depletion of fossil fuels for which everybody id dependant for so many things. From driving a car, turning on a furnace and many other operations have depended on these fuels from many years. Briquetting plant and briquettes are looked as a solution to all these problems.

The human race has undergone many changes through the millennia. Most of the advances and inventions are have occurred in just couple of hundred years. The discovery of coal and petroleum as energy resources changed the face of how we accomplish things like nothing else since the discovery of fire. However these fossil fuels will not last forever, making necessary to explore other energy options. One such option is biomass briquettes. Here are few advantages of briquettes over fossil fuels.

Briquettes are renewable. If people exercise its proper conservation techniques, any form of biomass that is harvested to produce energy can be replaced over a period of time. How much time is required depends on the exact biomass used. Fossil fuels, on the other hand exist in finite amounts that will never be replaced.

The cost of producing biomass briquettes is very cheap compared to cost of finding and extracting fossil fuels. And Briquettes burn slowly in a controlled manner. They have a low amount of moisture and density, which allows it to burn at intense temperatures.

Other benefits of briquetting plant as it is cleaner source of energy so government of many countries gives incentives.

  • No income tax for first five years
  • 35% subsidy from government on the total cost of briquetting
  • Low-interest rates from government financial institutions.
  • Also NOC from state pollution board is not compulsory for those using briquetting plants.

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