Are briquettes profitable for you????

So yaa the answer is vebriquettingry obvious- yes briquettes are very profitable for you or your industry. Briquettes are the most affordable fuel for any small or even big industry or entrepreneurs if we talk about india. As we all know that india is an agrarian country and briquettes are made from agro waste. As its cost of production is very less as the raw materials used in it are agricultural waste or wood waste. So the briquetting machine is the smart application and a smart way to convert waste into fuel or we can also say briquetting as white coal.

This succeeding industrious world demands more charcoal not only in industrial sector but also in agricultural sector animal husbandry and civil use fields. So it would be very beneficial for the industry to invest in briquette instead of investing and wasting the money in charcoal. In short you will have a great profit if you invest in briquetting. Even if we talk about daily life people often use coal to get heat, BBQ, fry tea or dry tobacco, so instead of coal people can buy briquettes.

“Stop hesitating and switch your fuel to briquettes”

The also benefit is that briquetting market is getting more and more affluent so it’s right time to invest in the briquetting market. There are innumerable benefits of using briquettes one of the benefits is that the government is also with us in this project of using white coal and that’s the reason that government is giving subsidy on briquetting machine. Government Encourages Biomass Briquette Plant project so that people now switch over towards the use of biomass briquettes.

Following are the benefit which government gives after buying briquetting machine:

  • No income tax for first 7 years
  • 80% depreciation is on Capital cost in the 1st year
  • 35% off on the plant provided by the government
  • NOC is not needed from national pollution boards.

Now the briquettes making far from enough market demand so it is very profitable to buy a briquetting machine.

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