Use Of Fossil Fuels Leads To Many Disadvantages:

Harmful Gases Released

When  fossil fuels are burnt gases like  oxides of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, etc..  are released which are harmful not only to human but to all living creatures. These gases are also the reason for acid rain and also the main cause for global warming and due to burning of this fuels the level of carbon dioxide have increased up to 65% .

  • Environmental Risks

The major disadvantage of use of fossil fuels is Environmental pollution. We all know that burning of fossil fuels leads to release of carbon dioxide gas which is the main reason for global warming. The results are Holes in ozone layers, melting of icecaps in polar region and if all these continue than in future we have to face serious consequences.

  • Ozone Layer

Green house gases burn holes in the ozone layer. That leads UV rays to enter the earth’s atmosphere which are very harmful .

  • Non-Renewable Resource

As these fossil fuels are made naturally and takes long time so they are not renewable. They will be soon depleted and its not possible to get that resources again. It takes millions of years for its formation.

  • Acid Rains

By the burning of fossil fuels sulphurdioxide gas is released which is the main pollutant and cause of acid rain. Acid rain results in to destruction of monuments which are made up of bricks or marbles. Acid rain affects the crop production. Those crops are harmful to us.

  • Human Health Is Affected

As many gases are released leading to pollution. This gases are inhaled by human beings and diseases like Asthma , lung cancer etc are caused which sometimes also leads to death. Long term inhalation of such gases increases respiratory inflations in general population. Children and elderly people have to suffer more. As per estimation there are 13000 deaths due to this pollution.

  • High Price Of This Resources

Only some countries have these resources. South Arabia have 40% of this resources so they have monopoly and they will increase their price as it is demanded in the market.

  • Effect On Aquatic Life

Fossil fuels need to be supplied. So they are supplied by ship or oil tanker and if there are some leaks in such ships than that oil having toxic substances get mixes with water which is very harmful to the aquatic life.

  • Un-Sustainable

Fossil fuel are not manufactured but are mined from the earth’s layer. Then we can use them. We can’t make fossil fuel of our own. Once the deposit has all its content removed than its not in our hand to make any more.

lastly, fossil fuels are non-renewable resources, meaning that their supply is limited and they will eventually cease to exist. Fossil fuel paucity could cause huge economic and social problems in the future.

We are at that stage where it is not possible to instantly reduce the effect of global warming but we can try for it and reduce to some extent. To contribute to this we should reduce the use of fossil fuels. Instead of this we should use briquettes. It is an excellent source of energy which is renewable.

  • Fuel of future: Briquettes
  1. Smokeless

The briquettes are burnt without creating any smoke. So it is not harmful to any living creature.

  1. cheaper

The price of briquettes is less than coal, lignite, oil and other fossil fuels

  1. Less pollution

When we burn briquettes it create less amount of pollution as it contains less amount of sulphur than coal.

  1. Quality

Briquettes has a adorant quality and easy to handle

  1. Orderliness

Briquettes burn in a controlled manner, slow and efficiently as it contain lower moisture content.

  1. Combustion

Normal fossil fuels contain moisture, bark, knots and resin which can make burning irregular but briquettes contain less amount of moisture and has less amount of sulphur.

  1. Long burning time

It burn 3 times more comparing to charcoal .

  1. Renewable

Fossil fuels are non renewable and they will not last longer as they are at their last legs but briquettes are renewable its in our hand to manufacture it so its scarcity would not there.

  1. Easily produced

At present briquettes are sold commercially in the market but we can also easily make briquettes also for household purposes . we only need is  stock of combustible matter, a binder, and a molder to shape the briquettes .

  1. No storage problem

As the briquettes are less voluminous so its easy to store because they are of either spherical or cubical shapes.

  1. Easy to transport

Considering the shape , size and density of briquettes its easy to carry for long distances. Also the loading and unloading costs are very less.

  1. Eco friendly

Briquettes are renewable source of energy which helps to keep environment clean also does not affect health of any living organism.

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