Is pollution the only reason you should use briquettes?

Fuel is the most essential need of human. We need fuel every hour or we can say every minute. And usually everyone use fossil fuels for fulfilling the daily needs or requirement. But yaa these [...]


Briquetting Briquetting is the process of processing of a material into briquettes- A piece having a uniform, geometric shape and practically identical weight. The briquette name comes from [...]

#2 Possible Agro-Residues

The possible agro residues which do not pose collection and drying problems, normally associated with biomass are rice husk, coffee husk, groundnut shells, and coir waste. At present, loose rice [...]

Briquetting Biomass: The Green Alternative

We are recently forced to replace the burning of fossil fuels. The replacement of these non renewable resources with biological waste would reduce the overall pollution pressure on environment. [...]