Biomass Briquetting Finished Product

Biomass Briquetting Finished Product Biomass briquettes are finest source of energy, biodegradable & renewable in characteristics. It is also less polluting and inexpensive. Briquettes are [...]

#2 Possible Agro-Residues

The possible agro residues which do not pose collection and drying problems, normally associated with biomass are rice husk, coffee husk, groundnut shells, and coir waste. At present, loose rice [...]

Biomass briquetting: The newest technology

Introduction Many of the developing countries in the world produce huge quantities of agro residues but they are used inefficiently causing extensive pollution to the environment. The main [...]

What Is Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting Plant It is a fuel forming machine and specifically produces fuel from bio waste materials mainly procured from agriculture cultivation by-products and wastes obtained from the [...]