Connection Between Biomass Briquettes And Carbon Cycle

The biomass briquettes are great renewable fuel which can help us out in solving the problem of green house gas problem of earth. It makes use of bio degradable and non biodegradable waste and [...]

What is better for the planet briquettes or fossil fuels??

India is progressing towards the development and more and more industries are establishing which are contributing high economic growth rate. And it’s very obvious that due to it we can put an end [...]

Let’s replace fossil fuel with biomass briquettes and change the climate!!!

Global warming is a topic that draws a great deal of debate. With so many global economies relying on the energy from fossil fuels, nobody wants to admit that their continued use is adding to the [...]

Briquetting Plant

Briquetting Plant

#2 Possible Agro-Residues

The possible agro residues which do not pose collection and drying problems, normally associated with biomass are rice husk, coffee husk, groundnut shells, and coir waste. At present, loose rice [...]

Biomass briquetting: The newest technology

Introduction Many of the developing countries in the world produce huge quantities of agro residues but they are used inefficiently causing extensive pollution to the environment. The main [...]

Is briquetting plant really saving energy?

Recycling is the method of using the waste material whether it is household waste or industrial waste. Recycling not only helps in saving money but also helps in conserving the resources of [...]

Biomass Briquettes advantages over fossil fuels

Biomass Briquettes advantages over fossil fuels Briquetting plant invention has excited the world about the possibility of getting energy through natural forces. From many years people are [...]


Have you noticed the temperature nowadays? The overall global temperature just keeps on rising. These all affects the seasons and climate the summer is too long and rain doesn’t appear on time. [...]

Briquetting Plant: Convert Waste in to Valuable Fuel

Biomass energy is the only form of energy that is accessible. This factor, along with the fact that it doesn’t depend on sun or wind, also helps to make it suitable for applications and uses [...]

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