What is the use of biomass briquettes and pellets?

Biomass briquettes and pellets are made from made from agricultural and forestry waste. It is mainly used as domestic fire places, industrial power and heat power plants, small and medium sized [...]

What Is Briquetting Plant?

Briquetting Plant It is a fuel forming machine and specifically produces fuel from bio waste materials mainly procured from agriculture cultivation by-products and wastes obtained from the [...]

What is the advantages of briquettes over solid fuels..?

Advantages of briquettes over solid fuels..? Briquettes are smokeless entity compared to any other solid materials as they don’t release any ash in the air. It is prepared from agricultural waste [...]

What is Biomass Briquetting Process?

Biomass Briquetting process   The Biomass Briquetting process is totally ecological as it does not release any contaminant or pollutant material. The process involves the below mentioned [...]

Briquetting Business Around The World

Briquettes are preferred across the world because of their high thermal efficiency as a fuel and their affordability. These are lucrative as compared to fossil fuel and so industries, commercial [...]

Raw Material For Briquetting

Agricultural wastes and forestry wastes are the basic raw material requirement for production of the briquette fuel. These are available in majority of nations across the world easily and in many [...]

Cotton stalk briquette

India has the highest area under cotton cultivation and cotton stalks is one of the important byproduct of cotton, generally stalk is treated as waste,and a small part (15%)of it used as fuel. [...]

Soybean Husk Briquette

When soybean are enter into the oil plant, they convert to smashed and damaged beans and external materials. After cracking the beans husk removed, Actully Soybean husk are the skin of soybean [...]

Sawdust Briquettes

Sawdust Briquettes Sawdust Briquettes made by the cutting wood by a saw or other tool and it is a type of biomass briquettes. Sawdust is also known as the wood dust. A sawdust is widely used for [...]

What is Bagasse Briquettes ?

India is a second largest sugarcane growing country. Bagasse product are the waste fibrous matter that is left from sugar refining industry after sugarcan pressed its juice.  Dry pulpy residue is [...]