How Briquetting Plant help farmers?

Farmers can earn with the help of briquetting Plant.

briquetting india Farmers can earn with the help of briquetting plant because briquetting machine are used to produce briquettes or white coal from the forestry and agriculture waste. Farmers have bulk size of agriculture waste. Briquetting Machine is a technology which is mainly designed to create the best from best materials. These machinery are moneymaking for the farmers, they can put there agricultural waste together released from their farms. Briquette making machines are echo friendly because they don’t release any harmful chemical like sulfur. Briquetting machines produce fuel without affecting environment and natural resources unlike fossil fuels. The machines can easily process a wide range of materials to convert them into briquettes.

How Biomass Briquettes Are Helpful To The Environment ?

briquette manufacturerBiomass can be describe as regenerative (renewable) organic material that can be used to produce energy. Biomass Briquettes are a bio fuel replacement  for coal, and are made from agricultural and forestry waste. Biomass Briquettes are used for fire industrial boilers which produce steam. Now briquettes are introduced for the growing demand and used for the Power (Electricity) generation, cooking fuel, heating and burning purposes. Nowadays, everyone is aware with the problems which are presented by the globle warming thats why peoples are think about our lifestyle to keep our world safe.  So this is why biomass briquettes are impotent.

Major Raw material For Biomass Briquettes:

Mustard Stalks Coffee Husk Sugarcane
Sawdust Coir Pitch Baggasse
Rice Husk Jute Sticks  Groundnut Shell
Tea Waste  Paddy Straw  Caster Seed Shells / Stalk
 Maize stalks Wheat Straw  Palm Husk
 Bajra cobs Sunflower Stalk Soyabean Husk
Wood Chips Tobacco Waste Barks & Straws
 Bamboo Dust Leafs  Seeds Cases

How to Make Sawdust Briquettes by Use of Briquette Machine?

Sawdust Briquettes by Use of Briquette Machine.

Briquetting Machine ExporterBriquette machine is such machinery which converts agro forestry waste into solid briquettes by giving high pressure and temperature. As a raw material sugarcane biogases, cumin waste, cotton stalk, rice husk, Groundnut shells, almonds shells, saw dust etc are used. Moreover, without constant supervision anyone can manufacture Biomass briquettes by feeding these agro wastes into the machine. The briquette produced does not produce smoke while burning thereby resolve the environmental issues like global warming, green house gas emissions and CO2 emissions.

Briquetting Machinery

Complete Introduction of the Briquetting Machine

We are one of the most trusted supplier for providing full solutions of briquettes production. The below mentioned image will brief you out about the briquetting process such as integrating, crushing, mixing, briquetting, drying and conveying.

briquetting press manufacturer

Brief of Briquetting Machine

Our company is well-known as manufacturer of Briquetting plant. With the help of the Briquetting machine we can make briquettes which are eco-friendly and does not make pollution when it is burned. The full production of briquettes using the modern machines includes rotary dryer, crusher, feeder, mixer, briquetting machine, vertical dryer and conveyors. The whole process is characterized by production capability, high automation degree, and high product quality, energy conservation, and environment protection, low emission of harmful substances and high utilization rate of industrial metal / mining powder. As the process of briquetting all the raw materials are collected and compressed under high pressure without using ash and as a finished product of briquettes are available which is cylindrical in shape but we can even give the shape as per our need.